Saturday, November 26, 2016

Remembering the grandchildren's names can be challenging

It can take me up to a year to be able to fluently retrieve the name of a new grandchild from my memory bank.

Some names are more difficult than others.

When my grandson Kaveh was born, I had to sing The Rabbis' Sons' version of "Kaveh el Hashem..." over and over to myself in order to remember his name.

Once, when baby Kaveh's 4 year old sister was asked by his mother's student what her little brother's name was, she replied "Kaveh el Hashem." The student thought that was rather strange - Kaveh el Hashem Weinstein!

My mother had trouble with the first three names in that family - Hallel, Kaveh, and Yisca (yes, now there are two of them in the family). My sister Karen Reiner suggested that I just tell mom that their names were Hayley, Kevin and Jessica. When I told the mother of the children about this suggestion, she was not thrilled...

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