Thursday, November 24, 2016

Over the river and through the woods - our walk to shul

There were two ways to walk to shul from our house.The long one involved following city streets. The short way included a walk down a forest path and the crossing of Flat Rock Brook. When the water was low, it was no big deal to jump across the brook or step on the stones that protruded from the water, although a misstep could result in a good soaking. But when the water was high, it was near impossible.
My father decided to build us a wooden bridge. It was really just a piece of wood, but to us, it was our bridge. I'd say the dimensions of the wooden plank were about 6 ft x 2 ft. Once a year, Dad also cleared the path of overhanging branches and debris.About 40 years later, the city of Englewood built a concrete and metal bridge that served the same purpose for us, but dad's wooden bridge was much more fun.Following that path to shul was such a beautiful way to begin Shabbat day.

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