Friday, February 10, 2017

362 Eton St.

So many people have wonderful memories of times spent at the house that Lennie, Karen and I grew up in, Grandpa Ralph's and Grandma Anita's house in Englewood NJ.

The house is part of a development built in what used to be part of a forest. There were several models to choose from, and Grandpa made changes to the plan that he and Grandma chose.

Since we moved to the house in 1961, hundreds were hosted, whether overnight for a full shabbat, for individual shabbat meals, for organizational functions such as the Moriah New Mothers' Tea in our Sukkah, or on other occasions.

Each year, we celebrated the house's birthday, February 21, with a house shaped cake.

Now that Grandma and Grandpa are gone, the house will be sold, but the fond memories remain.

Here are some pictures of the house that we found in Grandma and Grandpa's albums.

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  1. It's so hard to let go of the house in which you grew up. I know, I went through that after my mother died and my father moved into a condo. But we have to move on.