Monday, August 1, 2016

My first pet

I went to the Roosevelt School, a public school in Englewood, NJ, for first and second grade. My first grade teacher, Miss Sekol, had a lot of cats. She had been struck by lightning when she was a teenager, and had taken a vow (promise) that if she recovered, she would never marry and would devote her life to teaching schoolchildren. I loved her very much.

During the year that I was in her class, one of her cats gave birth to kittens, and I begged my mother, Grandma Anita, to let me have one. Grandma finally relented (agreed) and I had my first pet, Frisky. Frisky was a ginger colored cat.

Frisky had a few litters of kittens. One time, the day before Pesach, Grandma went into the garage to go into her car to shop for food. She found Frisky in the front seat of the car with her newborn kittens. Grandma did not like animals very much, and didn't want to touch the cat and kittens, but she needed to use the car. So her father, Grandpa Max, was given the job of taking the mother and babies out of the car and putting them in a box.

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