Monday, August 1, 2016

Grandpa Ralph had a big red circle on his forehead

When I was a little girl and still ate in a highchair, I had a toy that stuck to the tray on the high chair with a suction cup. You pressed down on the suction cup, the air would be pressed out, and it would stick to the tray.

Grandpa decided that he wanted to try attaching it to my forehead, and Grandma said, "Why don't you try it on yourself, first?" So Grandpa did, and the toy stuck to his forehead. In order to get it off, he had to pull very hard, because it stuck on very well, and when he finally got the toy off his forehead, it left behind a big red circle where it had apparently broken some blood vessels during the removal. For the next week or so, Grandpa had to wear makeup on his forehead to cover the red circle when he went to work, so that he wouldn't look so strange!

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