Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Our angel, Vicky

Vicky was the first in a string of angels sent to care for Mom and Dad. She took care of Mom for 15 years.

Vicky was originally hired as a housekeeper.

A multigenerational clan of gardeners has cared for mom and dad's lawn since we moved to Englewood in 1961. One day in around the year 2001, Mom opened the front door and called out to the gardener working outside, "Hey, do you know anyone looking for a housekeeping job?" The gardener said that he'd send over his cousin, Vicky.

Vicky began working for Mom and Dad as a housekeeper, and as mom's illness progressed, Vicky morphed from housekeeper into Mom's companion, and later into her caregiver.

Vicky told me early on that she thought of how she'd want someone to care for her mother and that's how she treated Mom, and she meant it. I never heard her lift her voice to Mom, even when things were very difficult. Everything Vicky did, she did with love and utmost respect.

I don't know if you'll ever see this Vicky, but we love you!

One funny note:
Vicky had a boyfriend named George Washington and Mom thought that it was absolutely hilarious. Whenever his name came up in conversation, Mom would burst into uncontrollable laughter. That may very well be what was happening when the above picture was taken.

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